Health-care based solution.

Health Tech Solutions

At Time Systems International Services Limited, we are expertise on developing health care innovations and different Health tech devices for solving problems in the health sector. We develop innovative Health Monitoring and Management Systems, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs & EHRs), Diagnosis Systems and other Soft and Hardware devices that revolutionize the way health care, health information and diagnosis is being managed to improve quality health delivery in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our Solutions aims at achieving the afore mentioned in the following ways:

  • Help in early detection of chronic and life threatening conditions such as heart problems and diabetes etc.
  • Improve life expectancy by keeping individuals abreast with their health status with constant support from hospitals.
  • Ease interaction between patient and health care experts by introducing an appointment and patient file transfer request and flexible response system that brings about health information profiling and continuity in patient care.
  • Improve personal health condition awareness among Nigerians and Africa at large.
  • Keeps adequate records of patients, vital signs, diagnosis, treatments and drug prescriptions.
  • Make patient care easier with the use of Technology.